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  • Board Room Concept

    The boardroom is the central part of your business and is seen as an icon of success and power. Your boardroom can make a statement to your most important business connections. At Cocoon, we can design your boardroom space to ensure it delivers the right company message.

  • Cafe Concept

    Your staff need a place to relax and take a break. The flexibility of Cocoon will ensure your staff cafe has a fresh look, meets your specification and is within your budget. Cocoon can also easily accommodate mechanical and electrical services to provide water, waste and ventilation.

  • Meeting Room Concept

    Cocoon meeting rooms can be designed and tailor made to your requirements. The specification of tables, chairs or state-of-the-art audio visual can all be easily adapted to your needs. Getting the right meeting room design will ensure your meetings produce the right results.

  • Executive Office Concept

    Effective office design can increase your productivity. Cocoon can build a working portable office environment which gets the very best from your executives. We work closely with you to create a flexible, functional and individual space.

  • Lecture Room Concept

    A learning space must not only strive to be a stimulating environment but it must also have great acoustics. With a variety of internal finishes as options along with the integration of audio visual technology and functional, stylish furniture, it’s easy to create a stimulating environment with Cocoon portable office pods.

  • Reception Concept

    The reception is the first port of call for any customer and must create a clear statement about your business. If you want your office to stand out from your competition, then the Cocoon reception area is the first place to start. Cocoon office pods can incorporate a full width reception desk, along with integrated storage spaces.


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