• A protective case or structure; a natural protective covering

  • a new concept in versatile office space


From Portable Offices To Modular Exhibition Stands - Cocoon Can Suit A Number Of Applications

Cocoon from WOW is an innovative and flexible addition to the professional environment. Inspired by nature, Cocoon is a lightweight yet exceptionally hardwearing and versatile structure. Curvaceous in shape, it provides protection and privacy to those inside and enables the simple creation of internal spaces that can be used for a multitude of purposes - at an extremely competitive price.

A self-contained office pod, Cocoon portable offices are as flexible as the user's imagination. It can be anything from a boardroom to an executive office, a meeting room to a server suite, breakout room or reception area, stylish recording studio and more. A permanent self-supporting structure, it can be easily dismantled and rebuilt, ideal for urgent changes of use. It can even be rented for use as a modular exhibition stand for temporary use at events - the potential applications for Cocoon are almost limitless.

The ingenious modular building structure is robust yet lightweight - Cocoon is just as protective and private as its biological namesake. Allowing a view of its surroundings, a choice of single or double-glazed screens at either end completes Cocoon's structure.

Cocoon office pods can come in a variety of internal finishes, including acoustic or fabric panels. The cavity between the inner and outer skins accommodates mechanical and electrical services. This extends to the installation of air conditioning, ensuring a good airflow within - boosting concentration and maximising freshness. Cocoon has been entirely developed by WOW to meet the needs of today's working environments by creating versatile, portable office spaces.

The company has a great deal of experience delivering the most imaginative projects and specialises in turning clients' dreams into reality - on cost and on time - and gladly provides advice to fulfil their requirements and budgets.

With a range of options to suit needs, from colours to match branding and aesthetics, to the fitting of plasma screens and integration of furniture, Cocoon provides a flexible and stimulating addition to any environment. In keeping with its natural inspiration, as well as influence from contemporary modular buildings, Cocoon's durability, reusability and FSC certification for use of sustainable timber mean that it really is a green working environment.

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